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... Allow... 

Simply be in this moment in 

this time and in this place.

Trust that everything works in divine

order and with divine inspiration. 

Allow moments... minutes... hours...

days... to pass without fear of time

wasting. There is no time, only loving

existence. Embrace each day with

wonder and gratitude for where your

journey is taking you.

Do not rush ahead on your journey and waste the wonder of the moment.

The breeze... the rain... the earth...the sky.

Appreciate the beauty all around you and just savour every moment. 

... SIMPLY BE ...



surpasses all other emotion.

In our time of sorrow

we cannot think of the happier

moments we shared.

We cannot forgive ourselves for

the wrongs we felt we did or the

things we may have said that

we cannot take back.

Yet love knows nothing of these

temporary sorrows. 

Love will overcome and forgive it all. 

To love someone unconditionally including ourselves makes the sorrow lessen over time.

Focus on the thoughts and memories of a love once shared.

Your heart may now burn with the pain of loss but your heart also swells with the love of memory.

A love that knows no bounds even if one has passed to the realms of spirit.


Your heart and soul will heal ❤️



How we limit ourselves when we feel we are not good enough, not worthy of reaching out to others. Who will listen to us? Why would they listen to us? Especially when we feel we have been ignored and disregarded so many times before. It is our fear of ridicule and failure that holds us back, our ego, which we often have very little control over. The ego pushes past the love and acceptance that is the true emotion and feeling of the soul. We limit ourselves in our goals and aspirations, what we know we are capable of simply through fear. An emotion not fully understood by the soul. Be gentle on yourself, life lessons have sometimes been harsh and form the people we become. Yet know you are much more than your physical self. Know that you are a child of the divine and are connected to such with unconditional love and acceptance in all things. Reach out with the strength you know you have within you. Allow the love in your heart and from your soul to push forward and reach out to those around you. Those that need the love and healing that you are able to give. You have learnt lessons and have grown from them. Do not doubt who you are. If you can touch the soul of just one person in this lifetime, helping them to heal their own broken heart, your journey has not been wasted. Do not ever doubt your worthiness and your gift to others in this lifetime.

The gift of who you are <3 


Stand tall.. be proud.. be strong.. stand your ground.. be fearless and know your own power, your strength of purpose and will. Do not fear what is before you, you have the strength to overcome it. You have battled before and you will battle again. It makes you stronger and more willing to fight for what you believe in.. for what is important to you .. for what is right. 


(c) Newdawn Holistic

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