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My name is Trudy. I live in a smallholding with many animals and pets. The smallholding has been my dream since a young child and my family and I finally moved into one around twelve years ago. We are still building on our little dream and its still a long way off completion. Healing has been a huge part of my life for a while, especially crystals, as I love working with their energies. Mediumship however, has been a part of my life, all of my my life but I simply ignored it for many years. However, Spirit I soon discovered had other ideas for me, meaning it became impossible to ignore it any longer ... and this is where I find myself today.

I originally trained as a nurse, had a complete change and went into floristry and once qualified, had my own business for a number of years, moved from there and went into social work. My current 'day job' is in financial services. So obviously I'm a person that gets bored very easily! I love spending time with my animals and family but also like rambling with a local group and enjoy taxing myself with trekking challenges for charity. I have done the Inca Trail in Peru and the Himalayas in Nepal for Marie Curie and Iceland and Offa's Dyke for the British Heart Foundation. I love to be busy. I thrive on challenge and diversity in my life and am always open to new ideas. I am a fully qualified Crystal, Reki and Spiritual Healer. I am also a Direct Spirit Medium, offering private readings. Group readings would be considered. My readings are direct and personal. I can come to you for readings if you prefer and for some aspects of healing offered. However, crystals are bulky, fragile and pretty heavy (not to mention the therapy couch)


**To book an appointment use the contact details below, visit the contact page or find me on facebook**

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